Cloud computing is gaining wide acceptance among the techies and big companies, but where worry comes in is how SME owners across the globe are adopting this technology.

The purpose of this article is not to bore you with the statistics of SMEs who use cloud-computing services but to show you its relevance to your small business (if you are not still clear about it), pointing out ways it will help grow your business to greatness.

I guess you have an email address, right? If yes then you have used one of the services cloud-computing offers us.

Relevance of Software-based Digital Recording System

When it comes to technology integration into businesses, many small business owners think it isn’t relevant or very much expensive. For example, a small grocery shop owner thinks all there is to her business is to sell, restock and sell again! A few go a little bit further to manually record all business transactions, a practice that makes it difficult to draw insights from the available data for critical business decision.

As little as keeping a digital record of your daily business transaction, your business can be transformed by the insights gotten from the data.


I know cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining the software may probably be the next question in your heart, this is where Software-as-a-service (SaaS) comes in. If you use Google mail (Gmail), you automatically have access to their family of cloud-based software like google sheet, docs, calendar, drive, etc which are mostly free. Working with these softwares allow you have access to your files from anywhere and at anytime through a web browser so far your device has internet connection.

How SaaS Helps Grow SMEs

Back to our small grocery shop owner, if the owner is using a digital recording system like Google Sheet, it will be easier for her to track which product finishes quickly, the time customers most often flock the shop to buy items, track monetary movement and keep inventory. These data can give you insights on which product to order more from the producers and at what time.

Using software-as-a-service in your business also helps improve operational efficiency, better customer relation, and cost management.

Examples of SaaS tools that will help your business include slack, ZenDesk, Google apps, Microsoft 365, salesforce,, etc.

As an SME owner, you may not have the patience and time to customize free SaaS tools like Google sheet to work for their businesses. That is where Toptech Concept comes to your aid. At Toptech Concept we customize these cloud-based SaaS tools to meet SME needs especially in data tracking and further help them draw insights from the data at hand.



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