Are you tired and frustrated of buying low quality products from China and other places? Are your customers complaining while you are loosing patronage due to inferior quality of goods in circulations? I have a good news is for you…
Quickly grab The Step by Step Process For Buying Hot Selling, Quality Products at Discount Prices From Genuine US Stores. ​PLUS…How to Get Them Delivered to Your Door Step In Nigeria. has a 7 years expertise in e-commerce / importation businesses.
He bare his mind to anyone interested in learning and applying same knowledge in importation of exceptional high quality products from the US, and on hugely discounted prices, plus the fact that these items are delivered to your doorstep irrespective of your location in Nigeria.Listen to his story:
My name is Johnbosco Ife and I started importing products from China 7 years ago.

Since then, I have experienced a lot of frustrations.

China is a good place to order for certain products at good prices but sometimes, you will order for some products but when they arrive, you find out that they are far from the quality you are looking for and as a result, they become difficult to sell.

Sometimes, it is because of the sizes especially when you are buying footwear from China. ​As a result of these things, you waste a lot of money and customers also ask for refunds. So, I started a research into how to buy products from the U.S. because as everyone knows…

American Products are Superior in Terms of Brand, Quality and Size.

Think about products from top brands like Gucci, Nike, Levi, Calvin Klein. They are all American brands and the quality of their products are top notch.


The Only Problem ​Is In their Prices

While it is true that products made and sold in the U.S marketplace are topnotch, the truth is that these products also come with a high price tag attached to them. That is why majority of people who import products online rarely buy from the U.S.

And that is why I didn’t give up because I knew that if I could figure this out, it would be a game changer for my business. My first breakthrough came on Amazon when I found out that there are certain stores on Amazon where you can actually buy products for far lesser cost.

But I Wasn’t Satisfied.

So, I kept digging deep until I was able to discover a list of various stores in America where you can buy topnotch products at discount prices. Their prices are not as cheap as what you will get from China but the products are of very high quality.

Finding the Stores Where One Could Buy Quality Products Was Problem Number One Solved…

After finding these stores, another problem arose… Many of these American stores were not willing to ship to Nigeria. They only want to ship to U.S. based addresses. So, I had to figure that one out as well.

Eventually, I was able to locate legal companies that rent out their addresses to people like us so that they collect the goods on your behalf and then ship them to your Nigerian address.

Here is a Summary of the Process I Use to Import High Quality Products From America at Discount Prices

STEP ONE: I start by visiting one or more of the genuine American stores I know and shop for the products I want. (These are safe websites that I have used over and over and I have a list of 248 of them that you will get)

STEP TWO: After finding the products, I use my negotiation formula to ask for more discount on the products I am buying.

STEP THREE: I make payments for the product using Paypal and at a very low exchange rate (Opening a Paypal account is simple)

STEP FOUR: The products will be shipped to the US address I use to collect goods. (I will show you how to do this too)

STEP FIVE: The collectors at the US address will collect the goods and ship it to my Nigerian house address using fast courier and I will collect it within 10 days.

Ever since I figured this out, many people have been asking me to share the full details of how I am able to successfully buy high quality products from America at low prices and also ship them successfully to Nigeria.

That is why I decided to create a set of step by step videos that walk you through how you can successfully shop for top notch American products, make payment for the products and get them delivered to your house here in Nigeria.

​It is Called The U.S. Importation Masterclass

The U.S. Importation Masterclass consists of 4 easy to understand videos.

In each of the 4 videos, I walk you through on how you can shop for high quality products on any of the safe and genuine American stores I recommend. How you can easily make payment for the products. And how you will ship the products and receive them here in Nigeria.

Who Is This U.S. Importation Masterclass For?

This US Importation Masterclass is for anyone who wants to start buying high quality products from the US with rest of mind.

  • It is for E-commerce merchant who sells physical products online
  • ​It is for those who want to buy the products for your personal use
  • ​It is for those who want to buy the products to offer as gifts to friends and loved ones

Here is What is Included In Each Video Inside the U.S. Importation Masterclass


In The First Video, You Will Learn:

How you can easily make payment for your products, including different Payment methods that has worked for me.

What you ought to know about Gift Cards, including Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Lowe’s gift cards, etc

How to use Paypal to legally get an exchange rate of about 320 – 330 Naira per dollar and another secret you can use to get a dollar for between 250 Naira to 290 Naira.


This video is all about how to import your product, product selection & shipping of products.

In This Second Video, You Will:

  • find out how to choose a product to sell, how to place an order for the product, add shipping details, and make payment.
    In this video, I did a live demonstration to purchase a Smart Wristwatch, so you can easily see how everything is done.
  • learn how to choose hot products that are in high demand using certain Software and Connection!
  • learn how to register with the merchant websites where your products are bought from.
  • learn how to negotiate with sellers online to get a cheaper price for the product you are buying.
  • learn my secret of getting over 10% of the amount I spend on a product back into my Paypal account.
  • learn how to get the delivery & storage address in American, with their phone numbers where shipment is later effected to Nigeria.


This third video training is all about shipping your products down to Nigeria at the cheapest possible cost.

In this video, you will learn in details the 2 stages of shipping.

The first stage of shipping is the Local Shipping to your America’ Address (as talked about in the second video).

You will learn how to reduce the cost of shipping your product via Packaging and Promotional, before getting to the second stage of shipping.

The second stage of shipping is the International Shipping from America to Nigerian, where you will receive your products.

You will also learn how to reduce your cost of shipping further in this second stage of shipping (International Shipping) through packaging, promotional, consolidation and shipping option.

Finally, you will learn about a Shipping Option that is 4 times cheaper than most alternatives!


This fourth video is all about marketing your product.

In this video, you will learn how I sell all the products I import from America!

You will also learn:

(1) How you can use Free Facebook Groups to sell your products. (I show you some Facebook Groups that you can use to sell different kinds of products).

(2) How you can use Whatsapp Groups to sell your products.

(3) How you can use Telegram group to sell your products. (You will also learn the advantage of Telegram groups over Whatsapp groups).

(4) How you can use the above groups to get customers for your products, even before importing your products!

(5) How you can use Retail Shops to sell your products. (And even use their money to purchase the product!)

(6) How you can use Multilevel marketing method to sell your products!

(7) How you can use major Online Market place like Jumia and Konga to sell your products.

That Is Not All!

When You Get the U.S. Importation Masterclass, You Will Also Get the Following Super Bonuses Worth Over N170,000


A PDF that contains the phone number contacts of the Connections that you will use to easily find out the products that people are already demanding to buy!


A 6-Page PDF that contains 248 safe and genuine US websites where my colleagues and I have been buying products from time to time, so you do not risk revealing your ATM details to risky websites!


​​A Facebook Advertising Toolkit that shows how you can run an effective Facebook Adverts for your products!


​​A China Importation Video Training that shows you how to start importing hot (high demand) products from websites like and, and sell them in Nigeria at a great profit!


​​My Personal Contacts: ​To ensure that you have all the support you need. You will also have my personal email address and Whatsapp number for continued support!

How Much is the U.S. Importation Masterclass?

As you can see, the US Importation Masterclass alone is worth over N200,000 in value.
After adding the bonuses, everything is worth over N300,000.
​But you won’t be paying anything close to that amount.
Right now, you can get the U.S. Importation Masterclass (Plus the Special Bonuses) at a discounted price of…

N18,000 Only



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