emmanuelsunday.com-ieltsHigh-Score IELTS Program is the unique System that helps You to Score a Minimum of 7.5 Band Score in Your International English Language Testing Service, (IELTS) Examination Even If You Have Only 2 Weeks To Prepare for it.

We hereby make available, a set of 5 short videos & study materials that walk you through a time tested ​formula for preparing for IELTS examination and scoring a minimum of 7.5 band score. With this high-score program, you do not need to spend exorbitant fees and a large chunk of your time to attend classes or hire a personal tutor.

With this high-score IELTS program;

  • ​You get to work at your own pace.
  • You get to study without having to leave your house.
  • And you get to have a first hand experience of how you can truly boost up your score even if this is your first time writing this exam.​It turns like a yearly rituals for many Nigerians who spend N75,000 (per test) to write an IELTS exam and unfortunately, majority of them don’t even score up to 6.0 (of 9).

If you have repeatedly failed in your English exam and need help. Then this is for you.

If you are trying to relocate to Canada or other countries that require a high score in IELTS examination, this is for you.

With this high-score program in your hands, you should be able to score at least 7.5 in your IELTS examination even if you have just 2 weeks to prepare

emmanuelsunday.com-ieltspreparationbooksWhat Is Inside The 5-Part IELTS Video Training?

The Secret System To Passing Each Section Of the IELTS Exam:

​Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking are the main sections of the IELTS exam and each section requires a system to pass it. You will learn what these systems are


A Valid Marketing Concept That Makes It Easy to Score High Grades In Your Speaking And Writing Section

Secret Resource Video Links That Helps You To Study Better & Faster While Having Peace Of Mind To Get Better IELTS Result

How to Access The Study Pack Collection Rolodex That Would Help You Prepare Better Before Your Exam

Special Bonuses:

​When you get the IELTS program today, you will also get these 2 bonuses to help you succeed.

BONUS ONE: Preparatory Study Materials plus Practice Pack​.

​Aside from the ​main videos, you will also get special study preparation materials to help you get the knowledge needed.

These study materials worked for me and they will work for you too to prepare yourself your IELTS exam.

BONUS TWO: Regular IELTS Updates.

​​When you get the high-score IELTS program, it also gives you the bonus benefit of receiving future updates plus recommendations that will assist you​.

This further helps to make it a complete package for you.

emmanuelsunday.com-how-prepare-for-ieltsHere Is What You Are Getting:

(1) The High-Score IELTS Program (5 videos that show you how to prepare for your English exam and score a minimum of 7.5 even if you have 2 weeks to prepare

(2) Bonus One: Preparatory Study Materials plus Practice Pack

(3) Bonus Three: Regular IELTS Updates

All for N12,000 Only

emmanuelsunday.com-pass-ieltsLive Background Story

Earlier this year, I started preparing to relocate to Canada and one of the first steps I had to take was to write the English Examination otherwise known as IELTS [International English Language Testing System]

Without passing this exam, it would be truly difficult, if not impossible to complete the relocation process

In order to get a high enough point for my Canada relocation, I needed to get a minimum of 7.0 band score for the IELTS exam​ which was kind of scary.

It was scary because I have heard many stories of smart people who had to take the test 3 or more times before they could even score 7 out of 9 which is the total (I actually know a woman that wrote IELTS NINE times before she scored what she was looking for)

​It is true that one can take the test as many times as possible but each test would cost N75,000 each time.

I couldn’t imagine dropping N75,000 for an exam only to check your results and discover that you didn’t even get an average score.

emmanuelsunday.com-IELTS_SpeakingAnother reason why I was scared ​had to do with my poor background in English.

Throughout my school days, I never for once passed English.

The highest I ever had was a lucky C during my SSCE Exam

My fear of failure was so strong that I almost wanted to cancel the whole relocation plan

But after a while, ​I remembered one of my core principles – which is that no matter what I want to learn or do, there are people who have already spent much of their life mastering that thing and succeeding at it.

All you have to do is find those people, and study them… or get coached by them.​

​And that is exactly what I did

I s​tarted spending time on various websites and forums to find a proven “shortcut or formula” that someone like me could use.

​Many of the strategies I came across seemed to be too complex and required a lot of time.

It wasn’t until 2 weeks to the exam that I finally discovered a “high-score formula” from a book written by a Girl from Cambodia​

In the book, she narrated how she was able to come up with this high-score formula after writing the IELTS exam 8 times.

And also gave several feedbacks that proved that this high-score formula has already been used successfully by many people all over the world to get a high-IELTS score.

Even in places like India and China where their English isn’t so good.

So, I bought all the recommended materials about the book and tried it.

And It Worked For Me Too…

​Here is  a scanned copy of my IELTS result below showing a Band-score of 7.5 after I took the test for my first time

emmanuelsunday.com-ielts-resultWhy Does the High-Score Formula Work So Well?

​The high-score formula works effectively because of 2 reasons

(1) It is a straightforward and easy formula that doesn’t require a lot of time for you to prepare for the exam (HINT: Many people fail the IELTS exam due to all the stressful and time consuming methods around)

(2) It helps you to focus on the main areas that get you high results in each section of the IELTS exam (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)

This high-score system ​also makes it easy to answer any question you are asked regardless of whether you know the answer or not.

With this formula, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours at study centers like a lot of people do to prepare for their exam.

You do not need to spend N100,000 or more to hire a tutor who probably never wrote a single IETLS exam before in his life.

Pick Up The Program Here


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