Do you plan to buy a vehicle in Nigeria or importing same for use or sale? Either for use or sale, you could save yourself good amount of money, and could make a living by buying for others!

About 2 months ago while I was in Lagos State for a one week business trip. My old school friend, Femi Ayodele staged a discussion on his plan of buy a car and use on Uber driving business.
On this report, you will learn two important things that worked for my friend and can be yours too.
Firstly, making extra income from buying a car. Secondly, a sustained means of livelihood.
Ayodele had proposed to buy a 2005 Toyota Camry on a car stand in Lagos at rate of ₦1.7m.
He however got same USED vehicle at 1.4m by direct importation. Saving cool 300,000 for himself.
To those who may not know what it is, Uber is a lucrative driving business in Nigeria. It is presently in use by some metropolis with an average weekly salary to a driver ranging from ₦60,000 to ₦120,000.
People make money on Uber platform by using their cars to pick up passengers at defined locations and dropping them off their destinations.
To provide neat vehicles in a well organized and comfortable ride services, Uber operators and users spread faster to major cities such as Lagos, Abuja and others across Nigeria.
At start of conversation, I inquired to know what vehicle would suit the business,
He explained why he preferred Toyota Camry 2005 over Toyota Corolla of same grade.

As a promoter of Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint, I immediately introduced it to him.

On my experience on Importation, I did ask him give in juust 4 weeks and take delivery of the vehicle in Lagos. After that, I reached out to Shina Saseyi, the author of 3CIB. After adding up everything: price of the car, the freight, his Service and custom charges, he saved 300,000.
I was impressed.The difference of 300,000 from the price my friend got from Lagos car dealers. I’d save more if I took on the importation myself, (removing Shina’s commission).

5 days after my friend paid the total sum, Shina found a perfect Toyota Camry 2005 that
fitted within that budget. He bought and shipped it immediately using same guide inside his 3CIB.

This is the car below:

saved 300k
Shina sent in a Whatsapp message few days after informing me that the car has arrived Apapa.
Imagine if my friend had gone to pay 1.7m. He would have gotten the car instantly though, but would have had his whole 300,000 also squandered, which could be put to another use.

All my friend had to do was wait just 4 weeks for the car to arrive. The main objective of featuring this report on is:

If you want to buy a clean Tokunbo (used) car, and save from 300k to 1m or more, all you
need is a patience of 4 – 6 weeks plus a copy of Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint
The Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint will only cost you 15,000, which is tiny money compared to what you gain from the Blueprint. For instance, the knowledge got from the Car Importation Blueprint can be used in making extra money by helping people to import clean used cars.

Let’s say you only help people with average priced cars like this Toyota Camry 2005, etc. And you charge a service fee of 150k per car. If you only get 1 client per 2 months, that is 6 clients in a year, that’s an extra 900,000 for you. Isn’t that worth much more than the 15,000 you paid to get the knowledge?

Click this link to get the Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint

NB: Shina’s full contact information is also available in the blueprint if you will ever need his personal help and guidance.


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