Discover the NEW Program Nigerians Are Using to Legally Relocate to Canada Even If Your IELTS Score Is As Low as 5.0

PLUS – You Do Not Need Proof of Funds, No Consultancy And Agency Fees. you know that one of the challenges that is keeping lot of Nigerians from relocating to Canada is the issue of passing International English Language Testing System, (IELTS)?

The demand for IELTS teachers and coaching centres is on increase, and people are willing to part with substantial amount of their income to have a Pass on IELTS. 



If you feel that there is a “runs” way to get a high score without writing the examination, think again.


And, by attempting “ngoro way”, you can be sure that your time and resources are wasteful, any certificate issued to you is FAKE and invalid. 


That being said…

With the present legal arrangement on migration,
an IELTS score of 5.0 can relocate you to Canada. 


This is only applicable if you are applying through the Home Care Worker Immigration Route


Watch the video here to know about Home Care Worker Immigration consideration to the examination still… 


Most people don’t always get it right because “they don’t have time” to prepare themselves for important tasks ahead.


You’ll hear things like ‘is it not the same English we are speaking?’.


This may not altogether be the fact. There’s genuine need to get familiar with the type of questions and answers expected. 


The good news is: 


Plugging into this program will enable you to learn the theoretical and practical processes of your next IELTS examination. Yes, you should be sure for a pass afterwards.


We have quality training materials that guide you through the preparatory stages for the examination. 

Over the past few months, more have been said about the home care industry and how Nigerians can use it to their advantage in relocating to Canada.

In this post…

You will learn the real reasons to choose Home Care Worker Immigration Route to access your dream relocation.

With This Program

– the education level requirement is low: In other immigration programs, for example, the express entry requires a very high requirement in education. You will need a Master degree or two separate degrees. Whereas, by using this route, all that is required of you is an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) as minimum educational qualification.

– you don’t need to be soooooo intelligent to pass the English test. Nigerians have wasted lot of resources writing IELTS repeatedly without glimpse of grabbing “the high score”.

With this program, a minimum of 5.0 gets you through the process. That’s scoring 5 in all language skills except for reading where you can score 4.

– You still end up having your permanent residency to enjoy the benefit of living in Canada. The process is straight forward and simple. You can sure switch status to permanent residency after working 2 years for government in the Home Care Industry. Switching of status brings about various added benefits including free healthcare.

The more reason you need to watch this short video to learn, know what is obtainable through the practical guide. Home Care Providers industry is a $4.3 billion worth industry in Canada. It has multitude of diverse companies offering services to grow the healthcare markets.

Industry providers cater largely to the elderly population, which is growing at a rate exceeding the national population growth rate in Canada. It is also used in taking care of individuals suffering from chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Think of this as having a home or centre that is catering for the elderly persons, where workers are paid between $2500-$3500 monthly [N750,000-N1,050,000 Monthly]

Now, here is what you need to know:

There is a huge demand for people looking to work for this organizations / companies. With the employment letter, you can process your work permit.

See some evidence –

Job is provided for, on arrival, and takes care of legal residence and proof of fund in your account.

Also… with the employment, you are allowed to move with your entire family. Your partner would also apply and be issued what is called an OPEN work permit that allows him/her to work anywhere or do business in Canada. Note that Home-Care services isn’t gender-specific.

This clear pathway to Canada is legal, cheaper and faster.

All you need do is to write your IELTS examination, score a minimum of 5.0. Next, is your Credential Evaluation while getting your work permit processed.

With this method, there’s no worries about employment. Your pay starts coming from the moment you gets in to Canada.You would not wait for two or three months before having a paid job.

Here are few more insights

In this immigration program, you may apply for both Work Permit and Permanent Residency Visas. However, you will first be handed down with Work Permit Visa before leaving Nigeria.

After working for 24 months as a Home Care Support Worker, you can then re-apply for a Permanent Residency Visa. At receipt of the Permanent Residency Visa, you can choose to remain in the Home Care industry or switch employment.

To convert your Permanent Residency Visa to a Canadian Passport you will need to stay in Canada for a total of three years within five years. Or two years in five years to renew your Permanent Residency Visa.


There are lots of other information I will bring your way as we go forward.

Get the Ultimate Guide now and prepare yourself for the processes as soon as possible.

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