We work on featuring most interesting programs that impact lives positively. On this post, I will give you a detailed info to the program: Recharge and Get Paid, (RAGP) where you can make over N200,000 passive monthly income while working from your home.

emmanuelsunday.com - dollar-&-nairaOwing to the present realities in financial challenges orchestrated by covid19 global pandemic, many people are facing real hard times, and without guaranty to additional income.

The thought of being cashless, without a reserve in a bank account could be so traumatizing. It causes a disconnect between loved ones, resulting to uneasiness in homes, and sometimes, a fight.

The antidote to restlessness and boredom is when the sense of income is made alive.

In a bid to assist interested persons, I have decided to expose some of the “not too hard to do” businesses to you.

There are good programs that spans through decades. It’s usually consistent committed partners or members that benefit afterall. Lots to see in RAGP: daily/weekly income plus numerous additions like bonuses, cars, houses, travelling allowances, amongst various other advantages.


The program is for interested persons. By my FREE report, you will understand that, RAGP is a Nigeria based company, registered by Nigeria’ Corporate Affairs Commission and they’ve been in existence, doing business over a good period of time.

As stated earlier, there are many reliable networking programs like Recharge and Get Paid presently making many millionaires.

In RAGP, lots of Nigerians have:
– made their first millions,
– drive their first brand new cars,
have newly built bungalows and duplexes,
travelling round the world,  while also receiving mouth watering bonuses on daily / weekly basis.

In my free report, I share in details, with full proofs, where, why and how you can be part of this money making program.

This is not a scam! It’s also not a quick wealth scheme where you donate 10k for 50k in less than 4 hours.

It’s however your willingness to put little effort in enjoying RAGP products: Airtime, Data, Cable TV Subscription, Utility Bills like PHCN, etc.

Share the message, share your registered links amongst friends, family members, colleagues and partners. That’s all.

These and more are the content of my FREE Report. Download Here:

What is RAGP? How Can I Benefit?
Membership Packages
Bonuses, Awards, Commissions
How Much Do I Register With?
How Do I Register?
Difference Between E-Wallet & PayStack
How Do I Generate My Purchase Pin?
How Can I Fund My RAGP Account?
How Can I buy Recharge Card From My RAGP Account
Frequently Asked & Answered Questions

To be part of this, START HERE >>> https://rechargeandgetpaid.com/register.php?username=negrove

Note: You can click on the link, or copy the above link (url) and paste in your browser; easier than trying to type everything.

There are four (4) majoemmanuelsunday.com-flying-dollarsr ways to earn from RAGP. Namely:

  1. Direct Referral Bonus (DRB) – 20%
  2. Indirect Referral Bonus (IRB) – (10%-1%)
  3. Leadership Bonus (LB)
  4. Award / Numerous Incentive

Once your registration is done through the link below, https://rechargeandgetpaid.com/register.php?username=negrove
20% of your registration fee is instantly paid to your E-wallet account.

Download The Free Report Here

You don’t have time to waste on free report?
Join below to start making money?


Ensure that every information provided are correct, as email will be sent to you for instant verification.

For round-the-clock support, call / Whatsapp me on: 0902 943 1900

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