Buying and selling (mini importation) business is the only tested, trusted, oldest and the most constant form of business that is guaranteed to making anybody wealthy. Anybody include all categories of persons – literate and illiterate; office worker and a student; working class and full-time house wife; working from home or doing it from the office. It’s simply a business for everyone.

imported goods delivery!

Mini Importation is a process of sourcing, paying for and shipping down of fast moving consumer products such as shirt, wireless headset, night vision & sun glasses, bags, mobile phones, solar lights, shoes, wrist watches, and others. The main sourcing point consists of markets in Asia, Europe and America.

With internet services, it becomes possible for anyone to place order on products of choice, and have them delivered to their houses or offices. Yes, from the comfort of your home or office with less than N50,000 in bank account, an internet enabled device such as laptop or mobile phone, the process completes faster.

The system is designed to serve both the seller and buyer in real-time. Asking you directly, have you ever made money from mini importation business? This is a non segregating business where semi illiterates makes a living from. Full time housewives generate lots of income from here. It doesn’t affect your productivity in office. It can be done at most convenience, even while on bed.

Prior to this time, it was business for the “mighty”. It was meant for those who could invest heavy amount in goods, who could pay the shipping firms to convey products to their nearest delivery port. They also needed to have business partners and connections all over the world to execute these successfully.


The game has longed changed. Today’s requirement is streamlined to knowing what niche to work with, knowing what people wants to buy and knowing those buyers. Once these are established, quick turnovers and making money becomes inevitable.

Mini Importation is the simplified means of having a livelihood through importation of goods and making quick sales… You don’t need to be a guru to profit from the business. Anybody can start it.


With a laptop/Desktop or internet enabled mobile phone, Naira MasterCard or VISA card, internet services and less than N50k, you are sure good to join the league of millionaires currently making big in the business.

Have you ever asked yourself how much The Likes of konga, jumia and other big online shopping stores in Nigeria makes every month?

blog.ngplr-jumia-konga income

From research, these online shopping stores generate at least N300m-N400m every single month from sales.

It will be a mistake trying to compete with these big players at start, but you can definitely be at par with them in the process of time. They have a ready structures, which wasn’t put in one day or week. These guys sink in much to generation of traffic, driving sales. It take years to have it done.

If ready, you can start Mini Importation business as soon as today. Start from your level, build up your reputation with increased patronage. Getting started is as easy as choosing a niche, import goods, send traffic, then make sales. Pay attention to branding. It is the heart of every successful business anywhere in the world. 

I will show you FEW amazing items, comparing prices between the international and our local markets.

This is truly why I think Mini Importation is the best business for you.

Imagine buying genuine product for as cheap as N400 or N500 from the mini importation site we work with, then sell same product for as high as N2,500 to N5000. Is that profit or not?

You are making profit after deducting all the expenses which include international freight (which is usually not expensive) and our local logistics.

Check out this Teeth Whitening Product

blog.ngplr-white teeth whitener

This product is Worth $1.04 in the international market. That is converted to N374.92 in Naira.

On konga, this same product is worth N2,000
blog.ngplr-teeth whitener-konga

Another item to look at is a car.

This car is worth N1,797,140 in international market

The same car is worth N4,200,00
blog.ngplr-jumia deal

Have you ever wanted to travel to Europe or china to import items, but you thought it was too expensive?


start an online business that is guaranteed to change your financial status and scale up your personal life, but you were afraid of how time, energy and money consuming it will be, then your time of fair is over because this training is less time, energy and money consuming.


then this mini Importation business is for you.

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