Have you ever seen human beings surviving without FOOD?

There’s a general believe that “Health is Wealth”, and that a “Healthy man is the Wealthy man”.

This sounds good, right?

Did you also know that being healthy and wealthy is directly dependent on the quality of food taken into your body system?

Meaning that to be healthy, and be more productive in life, you must eat RIGHT.


In contributing to the wellbeing of the public,

AdvancedHealthSupport in collaboration with Topez Farms, hereby introduces you to a healthy living through fresh and clean food.



It’s obvious that getting fresh and quality farm products could be a big challenge.

But wondering how long we will settle for less as a result of difficulty in getting what’s beneficial to our well being.

The Irish proverb says “laughter is brightest at its best”, and I ask, would you rather spend your hard-earned money buying adulterated and pest-infested farm products when TOPEZ FARMS can give you quality at its best?


How long will you continue to consume sand and all manner of dirt in course of eating garri?

Hope you haven’t forgot in a hurry how your favourite delicacy was ruined because of bad taste from the palm oil you bought.

How sad!

Can you still remember the experience you had with pest-infected bunches of plantain?

These are not fantastic experiences, and no one would want to live with this reality.

The truth is this….

Those negative vibes are about to change forever.



we sure return to those good old days, used to eating good foods.

Check out our products and prices by clicking HERE


Do you know why Topez Farms’ products are the best for you?

They are:

  • Fresh and best quality
  • Most hygienic, healthy and well-packaged
  • Pure and unadulterated
  • 50% discounted off original processes
  • FREELY delivered to homes in some selected cities

So, what’s the big deal about TOPEZ FARMS?

TOPEZ FARMS is an agro-tech startup that creates market linkages for smallholder farmers to access premium markets in urban areas, and also delivers her farm products to end users such as individualsrestaurantsmarketsfood industrieshotelsrestaurantsboarding schoolscafeteriapharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.

We bridge the gap between local farmers and consumers.

Order From Topez Farm


  • TOPEZ GARRI is fresh, hygienic, crispy dry, and sand free.
    It comes in a customized bag of various sizes:
    – 5kg
    – 10kg
    – 25kg
    – 50kgThe garri is delivered within 7 days in selected cities (from the point of bagging to the point of delivery for a-1000kg order or less).
    For orders above 1000kg, the delivery is within 14 days from the point of bagging to the delivery point, unless otherwise notified at order.
  • TOPEZ PLANTAIN comes in a customized carton.
    It is harvested, cut into sets of fingers, washed, and then arranged in the cartons according to weights.
    Topez Plantain is free of rodents’ and insects’ infestation.
  • TOPEZ PALM OIL comes in plastic rubber sizes of:
    – 5L
    – 10L
    – 25LIt is a high quality technical palm oil (TPO) that gives your cuisines the aroma and taste which they deserve.
  • RAW CASSAVA SUPPLY is for industrial purposes.

With Bethenny Frankel, “Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments”.

This is the reason you must make the right investment in TOPEZ FARMS quality foods and have your body cells revived.


See what people are saying about our products:

 “Tochi, my wife used your oil (Topez Oil) and she liked it, I’d like to order some more.”

– Prof. Steve Tamuno

“Topez products are nothing less than better in comparison with others. I’ve purchased several local agricultural products from them. Topez is the father of good palm oil. It has the best of palm oils, I mean oil that is not just red but crystal red (if there’s any such description). I tried  it sometime last year and these are my observations:

  • Topez palm oil maintain it’s original soup friendly taste from top to  bottom;
  • Topez palm oil never coagulates- sleep. It can stand any weather;
  • The oil is relatively low in cholesterol compared to other palm oil in the local market.

I don’t want to talk about the Topez garri it is a talk for another day.”

– Jerry Ebimiedo

“Topez Garri go well, even their oil. They’re better when compared to what’s outside there.”

– Dare Jotham

 “They’re very ok. The Garri is so natural and good.”

– Esther Chinyere

The founder of TOPEZ FARMS, Opara-Eze Tochi is a brilliant engineer and a very enthusiastic entrepreneur.  He is visionary and very ambitious. His regular mantra has always been “empowering local farmers, transforming rural communities”, which is now the mission statement of the firm.

Currently, he has a 7-member winning team which is formidable and always ready to give out the best to their customers.

It’s the company’s delight to know that our clients/customers are happy and satisfied with our products and services.



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